Reign of Inktopus

Design by tylerbramer

Reign of Inktopus by tylerbramer on Threadless
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The Inktopus is an elusive creature that lives in the depths of the ocean. It has spent years growing in size, absorbing inks and oils that spill into the water. Over the years the Inktopus has remained, for the most part, dormant. It was once spotted in 1724 b.c. off the coast of India and again in 1620 by the Mayflower in the Atlantic Ocean. Something has angered the creature causing it to wreck havage on coastline cities and sea travelers.


The colors are beautiful!


The design rock. The colored ink really works well.


I really like the octopus and the colors you picked for this also how you made the rain look. I like it better on the blue t-shirt instead of the black one because you can see the octopus and the boat better. If you could, would you comment on my t-shirt. That would be great



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