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Mr Vela
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Mars as everybody knows is called the red planet, starting from this idea: I figured a redskin (native american) that is smoking his calumet and at the same time spreads a message of peace in the space, forming nebulas that move to Saturn and explains his mysterious ring. This is a regular screen print six-colors. i hope that you like it...each type of comment is welcome..Mr.Vela


awesome details!! 5$

YaaH profile pic Alumni


L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni


Mr Vela
Mr Vela profile pic Artist

Good mornig.. thanks guy... but 1.50 is really a low score...


Hahahaha! this is awesome:) I'm loving that character and those tight jeans!

ClariceC profile pic Alumni

underscored, I love this!

Stereomode profile pic Alumni

Cool $5

Mr Vela
Mr Vela profile pic Artist

thank you guys...finished early

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

hey man nice job, sorry I missed commented here but I actually gave this a $5 while it was up. This def deserved to stay through the entire week, something funny is going on with the voting recently.

Mr Vela
Mr Vela profile pic Artist

thanks theo just i don't understand 1.52 (never so low) because i like much my tee "MARS" for the story that i writed up.


Nice style, love it!!!....

Mr Vela
Mr Vela profile pic Artist

thanks childmirror.. §:)

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