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nice. What's the fine print?


it looks just as good as it did last time...

look, it's a great design and i'd love to wear it, but if it didn't get printed the first time what makes you think it'll do better now?


Waster, thats like saying a TV show does bad at one time slot, why would it do better at any other time slot. Maybe it was just bad timing


my point is it's not fair on the new submissions: this tee has essentially been given a second chance, whereas all the other designs that didn't get picked for printing are left that way.

what if everyone started resubmitting their retired designs because they thought they deserved better? people like multiple moorby or kipi would never have to make a new design again, and maybe eventually one would get picked the second or third or fourth time around.

if you've made changes to the design then fair enough (that kind of approach is almost encouraged by this comment system) but resubmitting after a couple of months to try your luck again just seems kinda greedy. no offence, enemy. and for all my bitching, i WOULD like to see this one printed... :-$

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