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walmazan profile pic Artist

The tell-tale signs of freedom are everywhere, just look around you! For far too long garish hunks of oddly-shaped metal have been stuck into the ground and told what they should say to others and what their place in life is, but no more! They crave to make their own destinies no matter how much their highway exit-sign parents disapprove, and have taken their protest to the streets to let their voices be heard...that is, if they had any voiceboxes. A Walmazan/Frickinawesome freedom fiesta.

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ir0cko profile pic Alumni

awesome! $5

walmazan profile pic Artist

thanks ir0cko for your photo!



TOSOMB profile pic Alumni

Usted no descansa! ja ja $$$$$

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

haha, awesome! $5


great stuff you guys!!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

another brilliant walmazan print


Man Oil

This would have been a good entry for Threadless Loves Anarchy. I've seen a few entries that have simply misunderstood democracy and this is one of them. The worst was one that portrayed it as something like feudalism. Maybe you should first consider collaborating with an encyclopedia and not just another artist.

It does look good, just doesn't pertain to the theme. Let the shilling begin!

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Awesome collab, this turned out really great!

Numinous profile pic Alumni

Great job Walmazan!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Thanks oh so much for the comments so far guys! Walmazan was such a blast to collab with and made such an outstanding presentation to go along with his kick-ass art style.

Man Oil, whoever you are, this idea DOES pertain to democracy because the point of the tee is that in a democracy all voices can be heard, and those voices aren't told what to do and have free will and freedom of speech. In many other forms of government, citizens are given places in their society and cannot express themselves in a way they wish to, such as feudalism which you already spoke of. The point here is that in a democracy you can shake off where you came from, forge your own path and move up or down within social levels at your own free will.

The "No Rules" spray-painted in the back of the shirt doesn't mean "No rules shall govern us....burn the town down!", but as "There are no rules you need to adhere to regarding what people have told you you are and will become. Make your own rules for yourself!"

I knew I should have described the idea better in the first comment but I wanted to keep it simple. lol.

walmazan profile pic Artist

Ho thanks, but is a collab with FRICKINAWESOME, who is the brains of this team.. (where are you Evan?)

walmazan profile pic Artist

Ho there you are...

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

CalvinK, I think you and Man Oil are taking the visual aspect of this shirt too literally in terms of democracy...this is a more symbolic shirt regarding an aspect of democracy that I love, not about someone graffiti-ing a wall and the legalities of that action. And when i mean "rules for yourself", I'm not speaking once again literally, but in regards to symbolic rules that govern you as a person, not legal laws.

Thanks for your opinions though, it's interesting to see how people interpret the shirt. Yeah Walmazan, I'm here! And I'm only half a brain without your incredible illo skillz and presentation.


the discreet deer sign toting a shotgun really makes me laugh!
and what portrays the free-spirited individuality that democracy should foster/protect more than a cartwheeling U turn sign?...


I like how the more you look at it, the better it gets! I love the one way sign pointing in the opposite direction. AND it looks awesome on the shirt!

Great Democracy print! 5$

walmazan profile pic Artist

Thanks, we are very happy for your support and your comments.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Great looking shirt, great collab you guys! $5

myteemo profile pic Alumni

Sweet collab guys! $5

chippos profile pic Alumni

GREAT stuff! im a freak of "signs"


Starrfold profile pic Alumni

VERY nice. Well done, boys! $5

walmazan profile pic Artist

ones again! thanks guys!

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

wonderful! :)


littleclyde profile pic Alumni

Great collab you guys! Love all the little details and walmazan's style is, as always, amazing.


ahh!! want!! waaannntt!!!

scenerie profile pic Alumni

This looks great on the shirt!

herky profile pic Alumni

The trifecta: awesome idea, collab and execution. $5

walmazan profile pic Artist

we glad you liked!


Love it! I want it printed! :D

abeadle profile pic Alumni

awesome job as always! 5!


Love it.


stop stop mmmm $5


finally a good design

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

excellent !!!! 5$


wowwww...u guys are a good team!!... excellent illo as always (WALMAZAN) and excellent idea as always (FRICKINAWESOME)...$5

walmazan profile pic Artist

Thanks for all yor support!


really nice collaboration! Great concept and illustration! $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Almost 3.0! ALRIGHT! My highest collab score in quite some time....thanks to everyone who voted and Walmazan way to go!

walmazan profile pic Artist

Thank you FA!
and everybody, thanks for all your support!.


nice shirt

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