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Recycling on the mind by Sourwine on Threadless
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d3d profile pic Alumni

sexy drawing but i'm not into the type, or the joke.


Yeah, I don't see why anybody would want to wear a whore on their shirt.

You obviously didn't scroll down through the front page of this website.

Talking To The Ground

I don't know where you got your stats, cause I think about recycling like... every 3 seconds.

d3d profile pic Alumni

greenrabbit, a naked girl isn't a whore. grow up.

staffell profile pic Alumni

@greenrabbit - that's the kind of thing I'd expect a teenage girl to say, not a 20 year old guy


really quite like this. not sure why you reversed the image on the tee though, but looks pretty awesome.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

d3d on Apr 07 '09
sexy drawing but i'm not into the type, or the joke.

Bonerthon 09 has begun!


the human body is 100% recycled materials?

i also found it funny that you put the design on jeffrey's shirt THEN flipped him...

nice design though, just a very limited audience.


I like the text, but not the girl, I mean, i like it but with the girl I would not wear it

Personal Genius

It's nicely drawn, but it gives the impression that a naked woman is only a commodity that can be utilized to make men do something. How do you convince women to recycle? Or does that not matter? Also, men are intelligent and can be reasoned with outside of sexual promises.

So, it's sexist on either side. You probably didn't mean it that way, but that's what it gives off. I think we have enough of that in advertising as is.

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