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Record Scratch by ArmoredFowl on Threadless
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If you zip and unzip a hoodie really quickly it makes a sound kinda like scratching a record. That was the inspiration behind this design. Now you can make some sweet mixes or maybe just annoy your friends. Enjoy!


Great work!


i would buy this! good job. 5

ArmoredFowl profile pic Artist

Here is a little clarification of this design: I don't know how many of you like to party it up, but for the most part when you do, there is music, right? There is either a boombox (old fashioned but effective), iPod, or live D.J.. But what happens when there is no music? Things can get pretty uncomfortable. I designed this hoodie for those moments. We all have played with our jacket zipper at least one time in our life. If you havent, I suggest you go to your closet, pull out a jacket, and try it. Anyways, I couldn't help but notice how it kinda sounds like when you scratch a record. Zip it up and down really fast and its like wuta wuta wuta (okay Im not sure how to spell these sounds phonetically. Give me a break). So with this hoodie, now it actually looks like a turntable. Now instead of being the lame person in the corner playing with your jacket zipper, you can be the life of the party zippin it up old school style, laying down some sick remixes.

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