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Design by tsubasa no kami

Recognize 'er by tsubasa no kami on Threadless
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tsubasa no kami
tsubasa no kami profile pic Artist

2 color design with 1 glow ink on black or dark colored tee.

Tron's 8-bit form, with a giant hidden Recognizer closer than you thought that glows in the dark...




veryv very very cool! 555555


wow, this makes an awesome shirt!!!!

mismonaut profile pic Alumni

Nice to see a TRON design that doesn't involve that glowing blue color.


i was thinking the big recognizer is too difficult to see and i was going to write it, THen i saw the night version : V I Like the retro gaming look and the brave choice of colour, well done. would you say something about my submission?

tsubasa no kami
tsubasa no kami profile pic Artist

Hehehe thanks all!

Yeah... glow in the dark makes it. I was getting a little tired of the blue/yellow, but obviously this could be translated to those colors if need be... but why not be a bit different and retro! ;D

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