Recipes for Possum

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bananaphone profile pic Artist

Matt Giraffe:

IT is good that you're honest with yourself. I guess you are paying 20 dollars a week or something to rent your computer.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

did Dukes of Hazzard just get put into syndication in Australia?


$5 and i don't know why visit this site anymore; i'd never wear the winning shirts. bye.


I hate hicks with a passion but this drawing sucks. 0


antangil, submit your principal drawings. i'll wear them.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

"By supporting the childlike (not bad, just childlike) image with a juveline and insulting statement, it portrays both the artist and the prospective wearer as incapable of subtlety, tact, and maturity. "

Actually it just proves that the real message has gone about 5 metres over your head, mean while you are on the ground criticising the whole thing and pretending you understand it to try and look like you have any semblence of interlect.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

intelect even.


What IS the real message? ^

Not a fan of the style, but more importantly, not a fan of your attitude , and the fact that you submitted a bunch of these at once. You remind me of mred. (But not as good) Do a search for his stuff, and you'll see what I mean.

Sorry man, I'm just not feelin it.


mred also made a lot of great shirts. his attitude and ridiculousness was amplified to contest the absolutely horrible collective taste of the threadless userbase.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

Heffer, if i have to hold your hand and walk you through Matt Giraffes world, is it at all as valuable as if you had of worked it out for yourself? not that there seems to be much chance of anyone doing that. I think maybe 10 - 15 people have worked it out?


I'm just sick of the whole trying to do outsider style art.
I did laugh at one of the other submissions but this one is just overdone and boring. It's not unique because I've seen a million other people try to do similar stuff and call it art.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

It's not being called art.

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