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Cute concept. Took a second but I liked it once I got it.


Great concept. profile pic Artist

i hear you, about the text, though without it, no one will know what the design means. rebirthday, the phoenix, rebirth, cupcake with birthday candle, birthday, combine it all, you get: rebirthday. it's part of the whole concept is all. I open though, anyone have any suggestions?


Maybe smaller on the shirt


I agree about the text. I totally got the concept before I saw it. Ditch it and I give it a $5. profile pic Artist

I'm not sure if people looking at the shirt are going to think "oh! rebirthday" if the text isnt there, the text is kind of the punchline, after you see the image, you know? It's about formula. thats why i think it needs to be there. I like the suggestion of integrating it into the design better, I'll try that in a resubmission someday down the line maybe.


I like it, but I think the direction of the flame suggests that it is moving downwards ... though it is cute. 4 for now, but I could go up :)


I love it, but I hate the shirt colour.

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

very original!


Oh I am neeedddding this.


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