Reanimate Rex

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Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

3 color on silver/grey shirt. Here are examples of the design on a modelFRONTBACK
Reanimate Rex is proof that you can bring anything to life with just a pencil and paper. One of the joys of drawing is just that, bringing things our creative minds ponder upon, to visual life! When I was wondering what I wanted to bring to life for Threadless Loves Drawing, and how I wanted to express what I think of when I think of drawing, Dinosaurs quickly came to mind. If I think back to the 1st thing I remember drawing as a kid is was in fact these amazing extinct creatures.

dschwen profile pic Alumni



I'm sorry. I must be old-school.

But after looking at this sketch/drawing on the shirt, the sketch of the egg on the back, and of course the sketch in a bit closer detail, and after all this I'm indeed-- impressed.

Creative, great control of media, excellent sense of forced scale, ingenuity, and above all, a great "story".

I'll have this on a t-shirt one way or another, through Threadless's gracious benediction of this shirt as one for release, or through somehow contacting the artist directly.

In a word: Bravo!


Love it, i really love the nest of pencils, very creative!

Starrfold profile pic Alumni

Very cool!

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

Thanks SO MUCH for the comments. :)

wayneking profile pic Alumni

I think the drawing is absolutely stunning, and I love the placement. The egg on the back is a brilliant addition, and makes me want the shirt even more. Great sub!

mgwizzy profile pic Alumni

I just LOVE dinosaurs, and there isn't enough of them on Threadless. Great drawing! $5

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Great illustration and it looks good on the shirt. I look forward to seeing more from you.


i like this for kids. :)

dacat profile pic Alumni

That is a great drawing!

the czar

Wow, really like it on the grey.silver shirt too


Very well drawn!


Wow, this is great!

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments guys. Last day!


Very nice!!! Really like the monochromatic palette.

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the votes. My highest score yet.

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