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There's no way you could read any of that on the shirt.


Another lame excretion of anti-conservative fervor. Boooo-ring!


It looks more like a political cartoon than a t-shirt. Mildly amusing, but I wouldn't wear it.


too many freakin' ppl from the US


talisker: i think the problem lies more in their mindless obsession with their country, and inability to think beyond its borders. (you certainly dont get people from london churning out blair tshirts.) damn am i sick of bush/ republican/ democrat/ elephant/ whatever the hell their other stupid animal is/ george bush doesnt care about black people laaaaaame tshirts- they just do not interest the world at large, people!


zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz./ ero

Nina Elizabeth

I agree with taz-pie. And while I slightly agree with the shirt's sentiment, there is no way I would buy one, and I'd think anyone I saw wearing one was a moron.

The idea of wearing your political views on a shirt is pretty sad to me. It's like walking around hoping to start a fight with strangers just for the sake of being an asshole. And I hate people who go out looking for confrontation like that.

From a design-standpoint..yeah, you won't be able to read most of that text, so everyone will assume you're sporting a shirt with a missile on it.


Clever execution of a message I disagree
with. Resorting to profanity is usually
an indication you don't have much of
an argument and/or you're being too
emotional. I find it hard to be impressed
by someone wearing profanity on their


I'm not into shirts that go out of
style in about 3 years since Bush
won't be President past January 2009.

The Weed Plantation is funny, but it
doesn't fit as a good description of Bush
since no one thinks he smokes it or would
even want to smoke it secretly. Maybe
he used to smoke it, but his lifestyle and
speeches show he is not into smoking weed.
Now if you, M4L1K, know something we
don't, then let us in on it.

to taz-pie :

The designer of this shirt says he's
from France. So please don't yell only
at Americans when a Frenchman is
one of those who is getting you upset
about American-oriented designs.
Feel free to vent at all the nationalities
that are upsetting you. Here's a URL to
his profile


helo, at 10:07pm on Oct 16, 2005

ok woahh. i will try make better-informed comments next time!
: P


dont be to anti-america. man, just move to istanbool. you could find a nice job as a rice packer or somthin. get like 3 cents a day, sounds like a deal to me.

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