Real Vampires Don't Sparkle

Design by iamalaayy

Real Vampires Don't Sparkle by iamalaayy on Threadless
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iamalaayy profile pic Artist

In the movie twilight, all the vampires sparkle in the sun.....well dracula type vampire's do not... so this is a picture of them standing next to each other and the dracula vampire is pretty confused about it all [and no this dracula type vampire does not burn in the sun] :)

my first sub,
hope you like it!

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

all I can see is the red error X


iamalaayy profile pic Artist

hmm... i think your computer is broken! :0

evan3 profile pic Alumni

twilight reference!

olie! profile pic Alumni

I think it might help get the idea across better if you had included the sun and it's rays in the design. Right now it just looks like the dude is shining for no reason. Also your figures and anatomy could use quite a bit of work–even cartoons follow certain anatomical laws! Lastly, maybe I'm wrong but I don't think Twilight references are going to be well-received here.
Sorry if that's harsh but remember I'm just trying to help you improve and submit better designs in the future!

iamalaayy profile pic Artist

thanks i really appreciate that :) and ya i have a lot to learn

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I only see a red error X

iamalaayy profile pic Artist

thats so weird :( i don't see that

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