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Of course this is a freakin 5!!!!


Great idea! well executed n'all

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I think vo-maria did a similar concept a while ago.

hersh profile pic Artist

thanks kindly for your scores and comments,guys! ....


i have not seen it before... but i appreciate it.

I guess you cannot reinvent the wheel...

looking now at vo-marias concept:

i think mine is still alright, there is a big difference between them, eventhough both concepts include ninja turtles and how they would have to deal with some real problems...but they are both very different artworks in the end.

thank you for keeping an eye on it and that you have let me know that someone else had a similar concept...happens, cheers, anyway

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

ha, Pilihp as well made a ninja turtle design that had all the ninjas as real turtles with their weapons on their back...but once again, this is slightly different since it's dealing with the one thing that can halt the unstoppable tortoise karate force...being kicked on its back.


haha.. real version ninja turtle?? very nice !


real turtle power:)

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