Ready, Steady....Teddy!

Design by more tea

Ready, Steady....Teddy! by more tea on Threadless
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looks like a Gremlin.




I think I agree with waltponce.... I have ADHD so I just stopped reading his comment halfway through.... viva la 80s and you are dumb as an inanimate object if you think that is Gizmo.


I don't really think it is necessary to pick a generation Arian221. I would say that I am fairly knowledgeable on movies ranging from those produced during the French New Wave all the way up to the present day though. It seems to me that both Gremlins and Lilo & Stitch are movies and thusly fall into an area where I have expertise. It has nothing to do with not growing up. Also if anyone wants to point out the lack of arms on Stitch depicted in this design you could reason their absence because he hides them for the first portion of the movie once he lands on earth and is confused for a dog.

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