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EricDiaz profile pic Artist

Express yourself in a positive way..

A book belongs with any survival kit, it may even save your life.
So get off your computer, stop watching TV and go read a book!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Is the first aid kit supposed to spell out FAIL? If so, im not quite understanding what we are failing if we are using the outdoors equipment, unless the joke is you've failed reading a book if you are reading a shirt at the moment? Or am i just completely seeing batshitty things in this design?

EricDiaz profile pic Artist

i thought it was pretty clear, but ill try to explain: Reading books may save your life, if you read as opposed to going braindead watching tv, dealing drugs, being in a gang etc.. SO thats why a book is in this survival kit, because it may save your life..

and FRICKINAWESOME.. theres not supposed to be anything spelled out, youre looking way to deep dude.. its a simple idea and design.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I get the design and love the clean look, just not into the "read a book" bit. It would be awesome though if there was a closeup illo on the books page of some weird boyscout technique.

I feel like going camping after seeing that equipemnt, not read a book. Nice work though.


Ahahahahaha at comparing television to dealing drugs.

Mr. Cranky-Pants

Yeah well, last week the corner of a book hit me in the eye. What do you say to that? Not a lot I expect...and you'd be right.

EricDiaz profile pic Artist

thanks everyone for the comments!

lol, that sucks Mr cranky pants.. i hope you didnt give me a O for you getting a book thrown at you.. i suggest reading paperbacks, but watch out for paper cuts!


i can't see the twist in this concept, but the illustrations good.


Very nice, i love the concept!

happy tofu

haha it totally does say fail! I agree with ^Max^ though.

EricDiaz profile pic Artist

if you put the equipment in the book, it would become another boring book design, not just that but a boring survival book design.. and then people would get it even less.. thanks anyway maxwell

gfuse to see the 'twist' read the above comments i made

vbarnhart profile pic Alumni

love the colors.


For some reason I have the urge to go read my book now :). NICE

EricDiaz profile pic Artist

m.1 you could be right about that, but by changing the outline of the book from red to blue would fix that problem.. also if it accidentally spelling out fail will be a problem for some, that could also easily be fixed.. thanks everyone for voting!

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