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Bunny Dojo
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During World War I, with American and British fleets getting decimated by German U-boats, attempts were made at camouflaging Allied ships to match their surroundings. As the sky is always changing, this was only minimally effective.

Then, a new solution arrived: by painting stripes and other patterns in different directions across a ship, enemies could not figure out (or, at least, they could not figure out as quickly) where the ship was headed and thus did not know where to aim their attacks. This brand of painting was referred to as "Razzle Dazzle."

Based on that inspired idea, this shirt design is an essential selection, should you encounter any German U-boats.


Love the concept - razzle dazzle was interesting in that over all it didn't really make that much difference except raise the sailors' moral on board the ships. Still awesome though :)

gojirra profile pic Alumni

Wow, way cool! $5!

gojirra profile pic Alumni

Also, check out my belt print sub if you don't mind!


hahah! I like it!


id buy that in an instant!


Good idea~


Good concept ...


the patterns are cool, would like to see that on me :)

Mr Vela

cool idea :)

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