Rats Revolt

Design by jimiyo

Rats Revolt by jimiyo on Threadless
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jimiyo profile pic Artist

Rats Revolt Ravenously Against the Rude and Rambunctious Feline Rambo, Rousing Rats Extricate Retribution, A Hair Raising Riddance of This Riddlesome Foe, Roped and Quartered The Cat Will Rue, ...

I dont know how to finish it, just cant think of how I can use

Red Rocket
Ripped Off
Ripe Apples

Mountain Gnome

Really Ripe and Ragingly Radiculously Random Rendition!



Starrfold profile pic Alumni

That is one evil cat. This is the most exciting shirt I've seen on here yet. There's so much action!


I dont understand the perspective on the rat with sickle, nor do I understand the concept of this design, but it doesnt matter...you are the freakin man jimiyo.

herky profile pic Alumni

Terrific! $5

jimiyo profile pic Artist



Danzig Belt Buckle
Age of Empires Monk
300 - Originally I had the stink eye one with a quote 'Madness!??!'
Black Plague Rat is the Grim one

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

BEEE-UTE-EE-FULL character design. Achingly wonderful main villian here. The cat also seems very Where-the-wild-things-are to me. More like this please!

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

Woah! good job! $5


This is great, I would buy this for my Redwall fan, as well...

I would like to see the crucifix become something more mousie.

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

fantastic illustration $5


yup definitley reminds me of Redwall by Brian Jacques

Good job with all of the references; its really interesting to look at

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

great design.. lots of awesome detail.. 5

jimiyo profile pic Artist


The original design was going to be three cats, and a ton more spoofy rats, but I didnt have time, and I didnt think being for a shirt design, the clutteredness would be appealing.

Ninja rat, rambo rat, Mortal Kombat rat, Street Fighter rat, etc etc

Sketch of other cat jimiyo.com/ratty.jpg

jimiyo profile pic Artist

I had two pet rats. They were awesome. One liked being thrown across the room onto the couch or bed and would run back for more. (ahhhh, cute vision of their little hopping) Tumors...

I have a pet cat too. Cat doesnt piss on me like the rats used too, so I don't know which one I prefer.


great work

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