Rapturous Raptor

Design by Tricksleeves

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Frank Vice

its a really cool rendering, but i feel like it needs more


what is he searching for?


WalkingAlong, when I was a kid, velociraptors hadn't been proven to exist! (I'm not that old, really.)

Anyway, I LOVE the drawing but we need SOMETHING almost anything for him (her?) to look at. Thoughts my sister and I came up with in the last few minutes: pile of books, Beethoven bust, zen meditation garden, TV, scrabble game in progress, little girl with a tiny tea set, anything that would be unexpected and interesting. Anybody else have a suggestion?


don't velociraptors have really scrawny arms? i think those look a bit too long and beefy. and i really don't know if there needs to be an object for him to look at.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

the pattern is AWESOME!!! But there are thousands of shirts with a picture of a dinosaur on them already around. It needs something more.

Trimm Trabb

I love raptors, I love patterns and I love purple. This shirt pwns. (y)



I noticed that you liked the threadless submission "well of tears"

I've recently purchased that design, and was wondering if you'd like to buy a tee if it got printed.

You can email me at: sharpshirter@gmail.com


Dan Lachman
Owner of Sharp Shirter

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