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Design by morbidboy

Ransom by morbidboy on Threadless
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The artwork is good, and I like the idea of the polaroid and the ransom note. If there was something to make it absurd instead of reminiscent of the nightly news, like if it was Wednesday Addams or a garden gnome or something...


Her nose looks like a little ghost and her neck is reaaaaally thick.
Otherwise, pretty cool.
If you could take the same concept and make it grittier and less cartoony, I'd buy it.


child abduction is so hilarious. I want to identify myself with it by wearing it on a shirt. uh What?!
...Somehow make the drawing rediculous or give it a twist. As a straight forward illustration of a kidnapping its not going to get much support. especially not from us caregivers and parents!

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