Rainbow Rock

Design by maktub

Rainbow Rock by maktub on Threadless
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The rainbow looks kind of awkward and I would like it better if you removed the talk bubble.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

5$ mais uma vez!


I would buy it without the rainbow, for sure! It looks kinda weird and snakey.


I agree about the rainbow. its too dominant and awkward. maybe make it more smoky in tint and in the way it floats up


Drop the rainbow and I'd buy this in a heartbeat.


its the speech bubble that did it for me. I like the idea of depicting the sound, though not with the rainbow. Maybe vibration lines around the speaker or radial lines...old school 80s japanese perhaps. However, I also really like it w/o any sound. Like theyre rocking out but the speaker is off. I'd identify w/ it then.

just different tones to the design. Great work


characters are so cute. no to the rainbow and speech bubble.


just one little thing. make the guitarist into a bass player cos it looks more like hes playing bass =]


I agree, ditch the rainbow and it would be really terrific.


the rainbow element really vibrates and moves!

Hi my name is

rainbow=snake, monsters=cool

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