Rainbow Loves Noodle

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Rainbow Loves Noodle by keepb on Threadless
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That's cute, but I thought it was a pineapple.

Before someone says to lose the text... I like it, and the placement.


red-macaroni is a noodle you dolt.

everything i've learned at threadless has told me that this is something i should snub my nose at, but the truth is that it speaks to my inner child and makes me very happy. the text is necessary though, or the noodle doesn't makes sense.


I think you should maybe rethink the rainbow colors. These colors look a little dreary together - not to mention totally innaccurate in terms of how a real rainbow is colored. ;)


That doesn't make a lot of sense.

bsweber profile pic Alumni

I like it. I love seeing simple designs that work. I don't think that everything has to 'make sense' to be appreciated (though I understand it anyway).

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

either that macaroni is Huuuuge, or that rainbow is wee

  1. i love it!

    to combat previous negativities, suggestions:
  2. love the orange shirt
  3. change the orange section to a pink color for a more cheerful rainbow
    4.add oval shape on the bottom curve of the macaroni to suggest the hollowness.

    i totally love it for some reason. i don't even eat pasta. just trying to add to the cutness factor if possible.

not good.


Ahh! Awesome. I think this would make a great sticker, too.


the rainbow is icky. it needs red or purple or something.


The rainbow is icky. It needs red or purple or something.


such a relationship could never exist! they're from two different worlds! ooh, a forbideen love story, i'm down.

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