Raging Bear

Design by nkrob

Raging Bear by nkrob on Threadless
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I'm kinda getting burnt out on things going apeshit on tees.

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watchman, i have no idea what you're asking me.

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i don't think anyone is accusing you of that, it's just that it's worth knowing what has been done before because, like how the panda has been done before, this has very very very little chance of printing.
sometimes if you find out in the critique process that something has already been done the same way then it's to your advantage to try and make it as different as possible.


he did find out in the crit process..... i pointed it out to him......


thats really cool
especially how evrything spreads but it's still somehow glued together




^ thing about that gorilla is that the same artist made it as made the panda print.

i think this design here is bruised by the still quite new shirt. it stands on its own merits, but timing can be everything.


This is created with talent and hardwork.

That panda / bear / algore crap is made by stealing an existing image on google, livetracing it then shitting all over it with default downloadable brushes. Voila! You got yourself some art (if that's what that designer calls it)

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