Radio-Activity (spread music love)

Design by Jebs


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Radio-Activity is both a play of word, and a little surrealistic play with senses, it'a bout metamorphosis of pleasure, senses, music, it's about sharing, releasing, creating, spreading music love, music & love! If you look at the details, you'll see all those hybrid creatures in the flow of sounds, nature, human being mixed together :)

Thanks for the great feedback from Threadless community in the critique section, and thanks to Manos for theFlash Template. That was a pleasure ;)

Kim Mak
Kim Mak profile pic Alumni

I really like the vintage effect.

Resistance profile pic Alumni

glad to see this up! great work here! 5$

Jebs profile pic Artist

wow! it want so fast to be approved for voting, i'm pretty excited :)

for now, i just enjoy your comments, thanks! I Forgot to say that it was a 2 (with the green optional) color tee, minimalist colors like i love to do with tee shirts designs ;)

@smarkat: thanks, i don't agree with you about the placement, i think it works pretty good on tee especially...but that's interesting to have feedback like yours

@all the others: THANKS!

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni



Great design - really nice


What's that in my pocket? Hey 5$ !! ;)

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks for your comments and appreciation :)


I love musical ideas such as this!


I think this is great, I'd just love to see it even bigger on the tee.


Sweet. ...and damn if I don't love black white and orange. 5.


Great work mec ;) !


i love how high up on the shoulder the birds go. well done!

Jebs profile pic Artist

yeah thanks, the pleasure is all mine :)

@squintygirl: why not? but just slightly bigger, because it's balanced right now, it will not be anymore if too big.

@kalio: merci à toi! ^^

@taz-pie: thanks, i wanted indeed to have a placement /composition that fits a bit different as usual on tee shirt

staffell profile pic Alumni



thats awesome. you should fill the tee tho.
i know its balanced but it would be hard to see the great details from more than 6 inches away.


Cool !!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'd love to see this a bit bigger on the tee and without the text on the record. Otherwise, this is a wonderful idea, i can still really get behind a "bird bursting out of an object" sub when it's this well-done and heart-felt. Nice work man!



Pretty cool.

Jebs profile pic Artist

Thanks Guys, Girls, i'm thrilled with your comments !
@frickinawesome: i'm happy to read you again on one of my designs thanks dude ^^

@everybody: i agree again, a bit bigger it will be.

chippos profile pic Alumni

so clean, so cool! my fav of yours

Dexter Spandex

very nice. liking the minimal colours and the orangeness of it

Jebs profile pic Artist

thank you again :)

so? now it's the last day of votes...i hope to score well, and thank everybody who comes around here with awesome comments!

you still have today to vote/comment, it's up to you guys ;)


I hate this flash template....but very nice illo!

Jebs profile pic Artist


just WOOOW i'm thrilled with this result, it's been a while i didn't have such a score :)

thank you everybody for all the great comments and votes, and thanks again for the people who participated at the critique section :)

i'll be back soon ^^

Jebs profile pic Artist

wow, thanks a lot Brightwood and PencilPlusPaper (your nickname is so long i sometimes want to write PPP ^^ )

i don't have much time, so i've not look at the new WIP in critique for a few days, but i will for sure later ;)

@Brightwood: i truly appreciate your comment, really, as in fact, i don't make comments on critique to get something back, that's just a bonus, when it's the case

so, that's not a problem for me, the pleasure was all mine, trying to be "helpful" with a sincere point of view, a criticism is always a positive thing, when it's done honestly, isn't it? ;)

i hope your design will score well, and of course, hope that mine will be printed :)

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

congrats! :D

Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Alumni

Sorry I missed scoring on this one jebs :(
Congrats on the print, it's awesome!!!

ndikol profile pic Alumni

Wow, congrats!
:D :D :D :D
so cool :D

Jebs profile pic Artist

WOw, Thank you a thousand times :)
It was So tough to keep the secret during the last weeks, that i won...but i can SCREAm: YEAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

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