Radioactive victim...? Or alien...?

Design by Flying_Mouse

Radioactive victim...? Or alien...? by Flying_Mouse on Threadless
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Yes! You've solved the ear problem perfectly. You get a 5$ from me. Although I guess I didn't really need to say that.


Sweet. The changes are perfect. 5.

Randy Jackson

You got my vote dawg! You got the yo factor!


I love the idea and the colours, but the cartoon bunny I think needs a little work. He looks like he's -at a strange angle. I think maybe if the back ear was in better proportion, or if they had shadows so that they were actually touching the ground, it would improve a lot.


well i guess the ears make them more bunnylike..

i don't think the cartoon-cartoony bunny needs to be orange though, he looked perfect in the original sub.

i liked the real bunnies fur more in the other design, overall, also, hey looked more like life-like sketches and in this new version they look cartoony themselves, which doesn't take away, but does detract from the strength at which the funny message hit you before with the other version of this print.

also the detail on the ground in your previous sub was great
as was the sagestone t-shirt base. meow

you still get a $5 from me, but i think all that needed to be changed in the original was perhaps having ONE perky ear on one of the real bunnies.... the rest should have been left alone. imo.

but you know, $5 because i t's still rad. love your work!


oh and the new speach bubbles are better. now its like the bunnies are having a conversation
ones like "whoa whats with that guy" and the other is all "radioactive victim..orm aybe an alien.. shhhh" hjeheh i like that


I prefer the first version...


ohhh so they are different types of rabbits...i get it.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Don't really like the bubbles, but great one :)


I'm sold if it didn't have speech bubbles.


cute, but a litle confusing


I second the idea of getting rid of the non '?' speech bubble.


glow in the dark?? = would be SWEEET


splitting the bubbles.. now you're just splitting hairs
ones going "waaaah??"
and the other answers
its fine! ....


print please.


haha this is awesome. :D


daymn. i was hoping this design would be printed in time for a new sale.
getting fur ladies though ^__^

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