Rabbit, We Have a Problem

Design by theurbanraptor

Rabbit, We Have a Problem by theurbanraptor on Threadless
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dacat profile pic Alumni

I think this is the bunny to get printed! $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

How did i know this was instantly your design urban? One of the few times i'll ever use this abbreviation, but black shirt ftw with this design on it!

In other news, i just checked your "You Peel Lucky" shirt for the definite 2.5 or higher score, and was shocked at the 2.12 i found where that other score should be. Have the threadless voters no decency for original ideas executed perfectly? My guess: f*ck no.


My fave so far. PRINT PRINT PRINT $5555555


I'd buy this if I didn't already own Bunnies and wear it all the frikkin time

aled profile pic Alumni

Sweet! The transparency on the helmet is very nicely done.

mezo profile pic Alumni

PRECIOUS! This is so good! I would, again, pull the illustration in (away from pit seams) and perhaps make the background (stars) be more of a tall rectangle, instead of a wide rectangle. But this is my favorite of your recent three. 5

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

nice 5$


Oh no! His carrots! This is fun


i think the stars are fine. this is aesome


This one is teh wins


yeah funny...:D


I didnt even notice the stars being even, but it totally doesnt matter... look at the pretty carrots!! $5, for sure. I really hope this wins, I would wear it in a heartbeat.

kt rod

Yeah, it is a lot like Bunnies, but it's so darn cute I'd wear this one too!


I can't say that I'm really into this; it's not something I'd wear.


One of your best ones yet. I like the robotic carrot shaped ship. Nice addition!

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