R2 SprayCan

Design by bestdangSK

R2 SprayCan by bestdangSK on Threadless
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soloyo profile pic Alumni

Great idea!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is so unique and fun and looks justl ike the scene from the beginning of the first one and then sototally not like it after half a second of staring at it!


R-evolution GFX
R-evolution GFX profile pic Alumni

If you had the lid on the ground as R2's head then it would have been perfect, but it still rocks like this, great idea =] 4

choubaka360 profile pic Alumni

hehehe cool:D

Dexter Spandex

nice idea, execution needs a little work. The squarey computer drawn bricks really bug me. wish the whole thing was a bit rougher with texture.

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