"Who will save us from Swine Flu!?!"

Design by cjazz72

"Who will save us from Swine Flu!?!" by cjazz72 on Threadless
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cjazz72 profile pic Artist

My design is a parody on the whole swine flu epidemic that was going around in the news. So who else but Spiderpig to come to the rescue. fighting off the vicious swine flu to save all of use from getting infected!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Heck yeah, 5


love it 5$


Fantastic illustration and placement!

cjazz72 profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments and votes. Keep the votes coming. Tell your friends that Spiderpig needs you to fend off the swine flu by voting lol.

dschwen profile pic Alumni

Sweet illus!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

sings ...does whatever a spiderpig does... can he swing from a thread? 'course he can't, he's a pig.... :D :D :D

cjazz72 profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments I really do appreciate everyone taking the time to comment and vote. Please if you know more people with have threadless have them vote for spiderpig!

cjazz72 profile pic Artist

under the bottom of spider pig's left foot is the swine flu's snout and to the left of the eye is one of his ears. I originally had just swine flu's head but it didn't look intimating enough so i added the extra slime in the background. I can see where people might not see it but its still cool when people realize its a pig down there. Its kinda like where's waldo when u find him and ur all excited lol.


Wow!!!..Your work is great!!!! Nice drawing!!!!....


I like.

cjazz72 profile pic Artist

Well if there were they wouldn't have allowed me to score it. (I had a homer doll on there but they made me remove it before i could resubmit it). Thanks for all the support. I would like people to tell their friends about it and have them score my design please =D.




art work s great but concept kinda lame


I like that Daniel seems to have left a link to his design directly below Twenty Seven's comment there. Like he's just on autopilot...

Anyway, great design, man. If they let you submit it, I'm sure it's not a copyright concern. It makes me think of Spider Ham, but that clearly wasn't your inspiration. Good score for you!

cjazz72 profile pic Artist

cjazz72 profile pic Artist

Keep the vote coming! I appreciate all the support !!!!

Mountain Gnome

Please don't put a link to your sub in the comments on other peoples designs.... it's kinda rude.

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