"I Thought I Was One Of The 5 Senses?!"

Design by x_maggiiee

"I Thought I Was One Of The 5 Senses?!" by x_maggiiee on Threadless
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heh, smell no evil should definitely be in there.


haha. soo funny and right, since those three little guys get used for everything!


huzzah for this pro-diggery thinking!


cute but leaves me wondering what the monkey for 'touch' would be doing???

Seriously... cute concept nice application


like the design, it's funny and cute.

but if we're talking senses here (and speaking is not a sense) then the touch (thx kim456) and the taste monkey would be missing. not your fault, really, it's more a loophole in the whole "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil"-"five senses" comparison.

but who cares? i like it! :)

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