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castle profile pic Artist

This design is an ambigram: a graphical figure that spells out a word not only in its form as presented, but also in another direction or orientation. In this case the word "QUESTION" spells "REALITY" when it is turned upside down.

Please check my blog for better quality images of placement and color options.


blue on brown. really neato.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Sweet! I love the blue on blue.

The Ending

Fantastic design, well executed! 5

tomburns profile pic Alumni

haha, awesome, i tried doing a bunch of these after i read 'angels & demons' the ones in there are so damn cool! great job!


Very clever and works for headstands. 5

staffell profile pic Alumni

great idea, I think the execution could be a little better, but i guess time wasn't on your side....ambigrams are some of my favourite things in the world


awesomely done.... very cool... 5


really cool, especially for JOT

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

one of the best JOTs

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i think this turned out great! i hope it prints! $5

Frank Vice

is it just me or is the no E in question?


Holy hell.
Those are really hard to make.
Good job.

castle profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the support thus far.

With something like this, there always seems to be a dispute over clarity. It was funny during the development, how one person could read one word but not the other only to be contradicted by the next person viewing it. So keep the comments coming!

The best thing I can hope for is that some people enjoy the design.

Thanks Again for taking a look and scoring the work!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Quite neat-oh castle. Boy, this JOT comphas really brought out everyone's creativity! Fantastic design that works well wherever the hell you wanna put it on the tee. 4$


I am an ambigram whore - $5.

I'll be interested to see what colours the final version's available in.


very nice work


that is amazing!

i love the blue on blue and the blue on brown!


I find this interesting. I would wear this. 4;


I like the maroon and baby blue color combo. The link to your color options didn't seem to work.

Nice design, I would buy it.


Amazing, but not the choice of colour sceme.
Black on grey or vise versa?

castle profile pic Artist

That's a new one.

I hadn't thought the "u" was hard to read.

Thanks for the all comments.


All ambigrams are in varying degrees of "difficult to read" , reference "The DaVinci Code"!!!

This is a wicked design and must have taken you a fair bit of time and empty hair follicles to execute.

A very definite $5 from me.

PRINT IT AND THEY WILL PURCHASE.... (me specifically)


$5... $10 if I could

castle profile pic Artist

Great response so far!
I can honestly say I wasn't expecting this many positive comments!


castle profile pic Artist

The "s" could not appear complete because it would read as an "s" upside down in the word reality. So, it is connected to the cross stroke of the "t" There is a break in it and it points to the bottom of the "e" where it curls inward, thus optically completing it.

It's based on the idea that if you cover up the bottom portion of the letters in a word, most people can still read the word. It's really the only way I found to get around it.


So if you question reality, what question would you ask it?

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