Quenching Ideas May Have Regrettable Consequences

Design by J-Ray

Quenching Ideas May Have Regrettable Consequences by J-Ray on Threadless
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I like how you reworked this. And I like that the text forms something different that the expected plant or other metaphor for growth. And, (this was probably intentional) how the overall shape of the entire design looks like a lightbulb. Nice take on the theme.


It's a really cool design and I love binary (who says that?) but the yellow is making my eyes crazy.


My interpretation : the kid watering his computer is a metaphor
for his brainstorming for ideas ( the seeds of the ideas are in the
computer ), but his attempts are actually bringing different
( and dangerous ) results than he planned.


Love it. No way I would wear a bright yellow t-shirt, but I still love it.

Edword profile pic Alumni

I like this version much better! great colors!


the yellow is hot, and i've actually done this, not on purpose, only instead of a watering can it was a 64oz diet coke...


looks cool... whats the 'lightning' mean?


this is cool! $5

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

Good work. Really enjoying your foray in to textures and the like. Not too sure about yellow- not really my thing, but great illustration.


it's good~~$5


This shirt makes black people look stupid, as if they don't understand technology.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i think mudflap02's comment makes anyone with an ounce of white pigment in their skin texture look stupid! So, did Threadless just have a week of J-Ray submissions!!! This is like your 10th in a row I have scored, and I love the level you are now taking your work. I really like the lightbulb theme that comes out of this design as well. Congrats J-Ray...looks like you might become the next "i like that dude's work but why hasn't he been printed yet?" guy we all begin to root for!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

this is a great layout and concept


There's something wrong with the kid. Not a racial thing, or anything like that, he just doesn't look right.


I think it's lame that anybody had to point out race in anyway regarding this submission. That being said. I don't get it.


if bill gates wasnt wearing glasses, i'd probably go hit on him

or if he wasnt wearing such large glasses..


I wonder why this didn't score higher? Maybe it was the yellow shirt. That's a tough color to pull off.

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