Queen Bee

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Queen Bee by Krimson on Threadless
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jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

I approved this message. $5. But yeeeesh. Shudder


stunned that no one thought about this yet,

mrdavenport profile pic Alumni

thought about what exactly?

Krimson profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments so far! I also wanted to thank everyone who helped in critiques. This design also looks great on gold/yellow (as seen in the thumbnail).

My idea was to have the person wearing it appear to be covered in bees, and possibly even be the "bee-hive"... hope people enjoy this concept as much as I do.


Love it, but I'd rather see it on brown or gold.

Krimson profile pic Artist

gold and brown are alternate shirt colors, it looks good on both, as seen in the thumbnail. There are in fact 2 unique bee designs.


looks really good on gold

Krimson profile pic Artist

The bee's are meant to be printed as close to life size a possible, so the design should take up about as much space as the design profile on the right. I had to ballpark it a bit of course, but that should be close.

BTW, thank everyone for their various ratings, and comments of approval and criticisms, i'm always glad to recieve a response for my work.


ok, i think its weird but i still give it a 5 you should add some honey dripping from it.

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