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the science of our utensils... :D


Hey, I get it. That's really funny. Mendel had to eat his beans with something.

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the hilarity was what inspired me... i'm glad you understand it :D


I love it. Awesome Idea. I laughed till I stopped. 5$


Sporks are amazing.

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so its not possible the fork was cheating on the spoon?


If it was more clear whether a spork phenotype was caused by heterozygocity or homozygous recessive, I would 5 it. but the punnett square as is, it doesnt make sense to me. I -do- love the idea though

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i find it XD that you can get so fixated on the genotype of the Fork and Spoon. Dopie is right...
What if its like:

aaBbcc x Aabbcc?
**assuming he's the real father :P


Hahahahaha. Sporks are excellent examples of codominance!

PsyGuy profile pic Artist

i say we put the genotypes behind us.. and focus on the sporks :D

PsyGuy profile pic Artist

i think that correctiveness would kill it...
my other link to culture, is we don't live in a perfect one...so why be all 'perfecty' about it? /meh

i think its best not to think of it... chaos!


I'd $5 it but the genetics are wrong... I agree with everybody else, make it correct and I'll be all over that. Resub with spork parents and fork/spoon/spork offspring or something and I'll be all over that shirt.


i agree with everyone else.
this is an amazing idea and yet the genetics isnt right.
if it was incomplete dominance they would all be sporks.
SS = spoon
Ss = spork
ss = fork
therefore SS x ss = 100% Ss

hahha but besides that id definatly buy it if the genetics were corrected.

PsyGuy profile pic Artist

i swear... sometimes, the non-humans surprise me...

can't we just agree to disagree --- culture!

PsyGuy profile pic Artist

@mackability729: LMAO XD... chopstick!!!

i should have put that! lol

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Nerdy Shirts already has a better shirt with the same concept as this.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i don't think the Nerdy Shirts tee is trying to go for the same concept as this one is kaloyster. I dig this one better anyways.


Y'know what, I graduated with a BS in biology, and I still think this is funny. We need a testcross to determine the genotype! It may not be "exact", but I love the idea.

I like it in blue.

PsyGuy profile pic Artist

i don't remember saying it was to appeal to you nerds...

XD how did this idea come to be?


theory is good, execution lacking. fix it and i'd gladly give it $5


Seems like there's a lot of biologists on this site. When I saw it I just thought it was a weird place setting. Makes me think other people will think the same if this is worn in public; many won't get it. Interesting idea though.

0Jim0 profile pic Alumni

I think that the real problem is that you submitted this in a science related comp. It may have faired better in the regular comp.


the incorrect science kills it, sorry. you fix, and i'd totally buy.


nerdy t's

PsyGuy profile pic Artist

i know how its supposed to work ^^

i might end up re-working it just to please the nerds :D

PsyGuy profile pic Artist

PoW -nuff said ^^

slaterock profile pic Alumni

doi! I should've gotten this sooner. Nice idea.


I'm torn.

On the one hand, this is hilarious as-is, but there's that nagging "but it isn't right!' that just kills it.

On the other, making it correct would make it less funny, but at least I'd be able to enjoy it without interruption from the douchebag party-crasher in me.

I'd rather see it corrected, but you still get a 5 for the concept - now just fix it, 'cause I wanna wear it ;)

mezo profile pic Alumni

I don't really care much about the concept or if it was executed incorrectly. What bothers me is the layout on the shirt. It's drab and boring and blocky. 2


Spork is the dominant allele?
No wonder TacoBell has so many of them!



you dont have to resub it really because if it gets picked, it is just a simple change


Rework and I'd $ for sure. Great concept!


5 for the idea, 5$ if it was correct


I love the idea, and would buy if for sure. But since I acutally work in a DNA gynotyping lab I would be outcasted as an idiot if I wore it. I really hope you can come up with something correct. Maybe put the letters next to the parent spoon and fork like it was listed earlier in the comments.


no body is going to read this, because this sub. got so many comments.
nice job if for only that reason.
plus, someone should do a geanology chart style for this concept, with the parents and the offspring, i hope you know what i mean...


fix the scientific error and i'll buy it


i love this. make the design a little less heavy and im all over it


different colour please but i love the design! go sporks!!!!


love it! Corrected or not, this is the kind of shirt that sparks conversation. $5


Nice nice. as for all your screams of "culture" it's still science right? write us all off as cultureless geeks and fix it please.


Who cares who the damn parents are? Its plain to see that SPORKS ARE THE SUPERIOR RACE and all other cutlery should be melted down. And dont start on me with the knife argument. Its not going to cut it!!!!


I am no scientist by any means but this could be right. Like in the case of Yellow and Black Labs. Mate the two and you could have a litter of yellow lab, black lab and two chocolate lab puppies, no?

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

omg, I just submitted for the seed contest and did basically the same thing...geez, sorry. oh well, you got a lot of comments and a good score, well done.

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