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r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Artist

my wife put me up to this design...i followed her specs, i made the youre argument but she said she sees so many people say 'your' when they should be saying 'you're' whatever, i compromised. but i agree...YOURE makes logical sense...however, i understand her point, because i see it too, on every possible thread online. but yeh if it's an issue, it can be 'fixed'


slow clap

I love the joke so much; it comes up to you like a wave of grammatically correct emotion. 5$

campkatie profile pic Alumni

ha that's funny. I'm on team "you're" for this case, but grammar ain't my thang. - big fan of your work by the way. and nice concept from your wife :)


gênios haushua


nice one!


either way, it's really funny! great job $5


haha GREAT!! ;D


Awesome design! However, I would love to see the "youre" instead. I see what your wife was getting at, but I think the fact that all of the apostrophes are missing is enough to drive the design. Hopefully in the other version, people everywhere might actually learn to spell the "you're" correctly! :D Solid $5

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

So Good! Agree with Talking to the Ground.. never the less $5 from me

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