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bananaphone profile pic Alumni

haha yeah this is pretty good so is your angly

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

hahaha this one is funny too. I laughed at the other one also, cause when the terrible CGI Hulk movie that Ang Lee directed was out, my brother walked out of the theatre and just turned to us and goes "I want my money back. I'm ANG LEE!"


making this one your last pun is a good desicion

Big Ed

I think his statement is just as funny on it's own without drawing him like he's Asian. It could be offensive to some. Just a thought.

Bramish profile pic Artist

He's not meant to look Asian. I never saw that until you just pointed it out.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Wow, that is a pretty damn neat sketch! Cool! (the design as well)

staffell profile pic Alumni

There is no such thing as a bad pun, no matter how bad it is. 5$


i didn't know JEF fished? Guess thats why he never blogs.

So, until Ironman becomes interesting make mine Bramish!


Well..I love it! But then, I would! ; )


How does he look asian?


anyways, i liked the joke better when it was...

"You won't like me when I'm Ang Lee!"

get it? get it?

oy vey.


Hahaha very well done! I hated that movie... Ang Lee strived for something and just couldn't execute. This is a 3 because I wouldn't wear it, execution is not there. But the idea is gold...

Bramish profile pic Artist

This has nothing to do with the Ang Lee movie.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i always find it amusing when others notice potentially offensive things, like seeing him as asian, when such a thing wasn't intended. kind of a spotlight on their own attention to stereotypes.

i like this better than your other sub. actually, i like it in addition to your other sub. i'd say keep going, but it'd probably stir the masses.


I'd buy this one, too.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

I liked the movie, but this shirt is funnier. Definite 5$.


better than the first one. 3


sorry. horrible.


Surely the Hulk would just super jump into the river, causing all the water and fish to fly out.
Superman would freeze the river and sell it straight to the fishmonger.
Batman wouldn't bother with fishing. He prefers to play backgammon with Robin on Sunday afternoon

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