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Pump it! by KDLIG on Threadless
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It's pretty cliche, and there are alot of shirts like this, and I'm kinda sorry for that because this is really well done.


great detail on the heart!

.onion profile pic Alumni

Intense illustration.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Awesome illustration!

deep space monkey
deep space monkey profile pic Alumni

I like the illustration a lot, but I hate the product placement.


I dont think the player is needed either, but nice idea otherwise.


love it on the green... $5


i think it should be a little more to the left. I don't know if i like how the cord is goin' but my god! I love the heart. It's beautiful!


im offically against organ-style hearts....its been done a thousand times....the art is good and the concept would be too if not for the glut of hearts being submitted lately.

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