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The 'B' could use some work


Pretty hilarious! But it's asking for trouble...I work in entertainment in the Orlando area, I've seen firsthand how vicious Disney will be regarding the use of their stuff.


if you want to fix the b, look at the a and the p. They both have a line in the middle of their letters, If you took a ruler they would be even. Your b looks out of place becuase it's horizontal line is higher than both of theirs. To fix it, lower the horizonatal line so that it's even with the lines in the P and A

Great shirt, love the idea if you fixed the B i'd buy it.


Bob Levin's 'The Pirates and the Mouse' springs to mind. except this isn't obscene, just funny.


Of course everyone loves it.

Of course it's copywritten.

Not gonna happen. Sorry.

Good idea, though. <=]

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