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ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

I'm thinking 'Mr. Creosote'. Ew.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

It took me a secound to see the IFC, which is nicely done. I do think the Orange needs a texture or pattern on it to add interest and help it stand out a bit from the liquid.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

It also reminds me of my "How Silly" Submission that just got finished scoring.

man835 profile pic Alumni

looks a bit like the fruit #@$% from penny-arcade...


I love this! great idea and the only word I can think of to describe the colors is yummy. good one, eskimo. :)

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

Iwouldbejosh : I've tried to make it in the style of the films. Not only is it an obvious play on words,the orange is lying in it's own pool of juice (blood) with a bullet hole through its 'head'. Clearly borrowing from the 'gangsta' genre of 'pulp indie classics'

bortwein: I hadn't seen 'How Silly' till now, and I don't see how this is similar.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Nice job, ek. I'd agree with comments above that texture on the orange would make it more readable as an orange first. And I'd also agree that it's fun to put the text on the back, but not necessary. Very nice, original design!

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Not saying you copied mine, I was just saying that the liquid form kind of looks like how I did my putty in my submission. I never anything bad about that, just saying a random comment. I like yours better anyway.


I think you need to add some pulp, and get rid of the pulp free juice.

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

This shirt sucks!

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

lol, I can't.
It's part of the brief


I absolutely love this. Puts an ironic twist on the word "pulp", and the IFC letters are cleverly hidden. i love how there's the complementary design on the back of the shirt. Looks fantastic on the dark gray shirt.

I think the orange looks too much like a puking head. The eye of the orange looks too much like an eye, but maybe the purpose of this is to look like somebody's head? Not sure...
Maybe make the orange larger, and add some subtle orangepeel details, or make the juice puddle smaller or more horizontal because, yes, it looks like a fat orange man puking.

Other than those small details I think this is very well drawn!

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