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Pulmonary Playplace by beta_maxx on Threadless
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This is a cute little idea thats been bouncing around the old noodle. Originally the thought was to have a little more detailed coloring, but I think the child-like coloring book style gives it a certain flair. Any ideas for improvement?


Moving it to the left would be more effective than having it in the center (for obvious reason, I hope :D). Pretty cool design!


I like this alot, but I don't think it looks like a child colored it. Maybe bigger with some coloring outside the lines? I'll give it a 5 anyways.

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Good concept, and this reminds me of the Giant Heart at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia that has been there for decades. where you walk through a giant version of everyone's favorite blood pumping organ as if you were blood vessels going in and out of the heart. It even made an intense beating sound the closer you got to its center!


i dont like for a tee, maybe for a editorial work.... 3


i love your style :)


Love it, but agree on the placement.
I know it's been overdone, but maybe moving it up to the "heart position" might be pretty darn cool.

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The pulmonary arteries carry blood from the heart to the lungs. They are the only arteries (other than umbilical arteries in the fetus) that carry deoxygenated blood.

In the human heart, the pulmonary trunk (pulmonary artery or main pulmonary artery) begins at the base of the right ventricle. It is short and wide - approximately 5 cm (2 inches) in length and 3 cm (1.2 inches) in diameter. It then branches into two pulmonary arteries (left and right), which deliver deoxygenated blood to the corresponding lung.

Sorry, I'm not really an ass....
Anyway, thanks for all the comments and suggestions I appreciate them all.

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