Pull Thy Finger (aka: The Fury Of The Lord)

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Pull Thy Finger (aka: The Fury Of The Lord) by aled on Threadless
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err... i think you mean Michelangelo...


ha ha
been done too much, not good for threadless

aled profile pic Artist

I must confess to being slightly new, so I don't know whats been done before. I'm sorry threadless.


You should add a text bubble over Adam's head saying, "Did it hurt?"

aled profile pic Artist

I can categorically deny any arm extending. I changed the hand/finger positions and moved God a bit closer. Thats Michelangelo's proportions (or Da Vinci, depending on your knowledge of art history). Anyway, Adam's left arm was, famously, longer than the right.

aled profile pic Artist

This early withdrawl spells the end of my policy of carpet bombing Threadless with fart jokes. I'm not in the least bit suprised that this didn't make it through 24 hours. The poor bastard didn't stand a chance. To be honest, I would never have worn this as a t-shirt anyway. I hereby disown it.


wow fatheed you've really moved up on Threadless since this post!

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