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Jebs profile pic Artist

I just can't be serious again, so, just for fun, here is my last design!
Thanks to all the ones that commented it on the Critic section ;-)
I also saw that the joke was in part already known with Uncle Sam (google), but as i already made it myself, with Bush, and for a tee shirt, that's not a problem...

courtney pie

heehee. finger. Bush.


Shoulda kept the original Flagg illustration instead of Bush. I works without involving the current president.

Jebs profile pic Artist

yeah thanks!
to answer to pixtoons: i hesitated between Uncle Sam and Georges, but i thought the situation was funnier with Georges as he is the actual president, and as you imagine the situation easily...

perhaps it's not a delicate joke i admit, but it made me laugh doing it, really! i tried to make the design crisp, especially in the clothes and the face of the president, i'm happy with the result too ;-)


your last one jebs ? huh. c'est mieux avec l'étoile comme ça ! sinon ta reçu mon mail, où l'est ds les spams :)?

Jebs profile pic Artist

eheh thanks :-)

scro: well, maybe i fooled myself, i don't think it will be my last design, i love too much doing designs for tee shirts, but i don't have much time these days ;-)


Oh gawd. I hope there's a way it can get printed in time for the danged election. $5$5$5


this is brilliant, but we'll all be disappointed if this is pretty much your last!

Jebs profile pic Artist

well, i have more than 80 designs on threadless, and already won, i don't see any interest to make a copy of an existant joke personnally...

I did it first, and the baseline is from a friend, who also put a comment here...after that i wrote it in the initial comment, that i saw that the joke was known somehow after...so i should have kept it in my computer? of course not, i sent it and i'm proud of my design (which is completly mine) that's sad that i have to justify myself ...

Jebs profile pic Artist

ok no problems, i understand your point of view both of you, have a nice day and see you ;-)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Great idea, we just needed this one a few years back! He's almost outta office now, andwhen he is I want him to be the most distant memory i can cram into the shittiest, most waterlogged part of my brain cavity! I'm glad you did such a nice piece with such a goofy premise tho.


Not original and BORING!

Jebs profile pic Artist

ahah, i knew that i would have real tasty comments on it, for or against of course :-)

thanks for comments!

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