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Ooh bay-beh, bay-beh! B7 and Frickinawesome are in the house, bringin' it old-school and asking you to throw your condiments in the air with the likes of Salt, Pepper and Sugarella churnin' it up on the wheels of steel!

A special shout-out goes to phillydesigner for the funky-fresh presentation skillies, yo!


Oh and great job to B7 for illustrating it, it looks great!

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Thanks gusy so far, wow, i thought salt and pepper would make a little more of a splash. Is it really that bad? Let's get some constructive criticism up in this piece!


I wish they were not all looking straight. ummm, its a little boxy, maybe if the beam the lights are coming off of wasn't so straight or faded out beyond the rest of the width of the design. I dunno. :)


nice pun, but I think the colours might be a bit too powerful



B 7

well i like it.

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Hmm, i guess we could have put some more dancing and animation to the characters, but Ben and I wanted to have a more standard setup that was more old-school in style, where the two MCs were out front and the DJ was doing their thing in the middle towards the back of the stage. As for the sugar packets and stuff, we were gonna have the group on a lazy susan and add more things the the idea, but we felt the concept was strong and simple and fun enough by itself to not include those distractions. Finally, as for this being an obvious joke, i agree, that was kind of the point, I was surprised no one had done this joke before, lol.

O well, thanks for the constructive criticism and more is welcome here, I'm proud of this collab and I know B7 is too!


Those colors are way too primary & I wish the S&P shakers were more traditionally shaped (like they are in 99% of all diners). The lights in back could have been better rendered to look like lights (think halftone or even stippling to make it look transparent and not so harsh), this could have also supplied you with depth. I totally dig the concept though. Clearly.

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Stef, thanks fopr the insight! I wasn't sure about asking Ben to half-tone the lights, but a few people said it looked fine so i let it go. I'm pretty sure those are the average style for salt and pepper shakers tho, they might look a bit different because Ben wonderfully turned the tops of the shakers into the hats the group wore as well as being the tops of the shakers. As for the primary color, I kinda dig it like that, but i see what you are saying.

More comments, good or bad are appreciated guys and gals!

B 7

Yeah, I appreciate all the comments too. The bright primary colours were based on S and P's original outfits.....


Fair enough, their outfits were f-in' gaudy and gross, but i was trying to reproduce the spirit of the 90's, like katapawl has kindly pointed out. as for the shakers, yeah like Evan said, they are weird shaped lids cos they are meant to be like their hats. And the simplistic stlye was really trying to just run with the primary colour/child-like simplicity.
I never thought we'd have to explain or defend this so much! but thanks very much to everyone for their comments.


ahaha, nice one you guys!


Perfect style for this one

courtney pie

hahahaha i love that song




sometimes i just click on this sub again and again to hear the music and have a five second dance party.


haha...very funny idea. $5


i think their dj's name is spinderella?

where'd you get sugarella?

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We were trying to connect her into the condiments of salt and pepper shirtflirt. Don't ruin that crappy name joke!


this is awful (pun-wise), i love it!!!
you always have great work frickin!

B 7

last day bump:)

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awesome! 5$

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hahahaha, ouchie. Oh well, thanks for all the comments on liking it just the way it is and how to make it better. Ben and I really enjoyed making this collab, and that's the most important thing!

B 7

Thanks Evan for working on this, it was fun, and thanks Roni for your help also.
1.79 is actually slightly above average for me so i'm not TOO disappointed!


nice score...


ok, this wasn't 1.79 bad, I think a lot of voters probably don't even know salt n pepa

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I still think this is where Ben and I peaked.

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