Puddle Monsters: Distant relatives to the Sea Mons

Design by When_Hamsters_Fly

Puddle Monsters: Distant relatives to the Sea Mons by When_Hamsters_Fly on Threadless
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When_Hamsters_Fly profile pic Artist

Hello! This is my second design. I was inspired by the old drawings of sea monsters from back in the day when people thought there was an edge to the world. I then thought, wouldn't it be fun if there were such things as puddle monsters??? Anyway, hope you enjoy!


hehehehehe....I like it...and especially I love that unicorn fish!!! $5

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Looks really flippin nice on blue...i just have an issue with the line thickness on the design, it kind of makes the illo seem kind of too pixel-y or ms painty even though the pieces as a hole look really nice. I think overall it's a fun little successful design.


I actually love the little guy in the middle, I think he anchors the scene and lets everyone know the monsters are coming out of puddles and not the ocean. :)

$5! I'll buy this as soon as it comes out!


it's true, something about the lines kill this. the idea, placement, and most of the execution are spot on.


This is GREAT!!!
Cute and fluffy!


Ya, maybe make the lines just a little thicker? Other than that, this is awesome! $4


that was mean, greeneyes9, and unneccessary.

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yay! i like it, it's cute!


the unnecessary aspect of your comment was not the suggestion that there was room for improvement, but that you suggested the artist simply didn't have the ability to do it. Saying "you don't have the talent" is not constructive, it's just mean.

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I agree, lets move on.
I think this design show a lot of improvement from your last design, hilary!

This one is really well thought out, and it looks so awesome on that cream shirt!!


really nice work!

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