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herky profile pic Alumni

great colors, style and illustration.

Darkie profile pic Alumni

Great illo, not sure if it's my bag in terms of wearing though. 5

olie! profile pic Alumni

I think the guy's face is hilarious.


This is awesome. The design should be nice and big on the shirt.


I think you should write "Puckish" on the shirt or else it'd be hard to get.

aled profile pic Alumni

Technically a great illustration. Far too camp for it's own good. Hairy, bare chested man with a cheeky grin = cheekybareandhairy.com


you called it puckish after midsummer nights dream yes? or no?

if yes then a $5 from me! lol...well i'll $5 it anyways :P


beautiful! i'm sold! i like it with the necklaces, too. the design is a little boxy, but that's just me nitpicking. excellent work!


This is Fing amazing! If it gets printed I WILL buy it! In fact, if it doesn't I'd still want it, as a poster or something. It's fantastic. A couple leaves to spread the design more into the shirt might add to it, but it doesn't need them. The version without the necklaces seems strange, and leave the space oddly empty. (Chaos star is a perfect touch) The style and use of the colors is great too. ^^


I like it with the necklaces because it actually reflects my years working at a RenFaire, which is hilarious. Don't like the fangs. Too LARPy and so doesn't fit the type of fantasy of the rest of the design.

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