psychiatry is fraud

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the cross, or whatever you want to call that cross-like thing is actually the symbol Scientology uses to represent itself, similar to Christianity and the regular cross, or Judaism and the Star of David, so that's why it's there. I guess the design could work without it, eh?


Yeah, the relgious feelings take over this shirt.

Also (nitpicking) psychiatry has to do more with drugs than talking, which the couch links to. If you would rather use psychiatry than psychology, perhaps go with pills instead of the couch? Otherwise, I'd go with psychology. Psychiatrists are actual doctors who (yes) can perform therapy, but, in practice, usually just do the perscribing.

Wow... that came out like crap.

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Ok, well, the reason it says what it says is because Tom Cruise actually said it. Not exactly like that but I paraphrased what he said in a recent interview to fit it on the couch. And the reason he's jumping on the couch is .. well.. because thats exactly what he did a week ago on Oprah :)

Get it?


i like the light blue because it emphasizes the crazy. 5$


as having bore witness to the cruise on oprah episode turn freakshow,
i GET it, i LOVE it, i'd wear it EVERY day! pass me the Paxil, please!


Bluemoon4515's comment is the first thing I thought, too.

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Here's a quote, you can find more if you search Google/Yahoo News:

"I'm going right after psychiatry and these false labels and this pseudo-science," Cruise was quoted by Access Hollywood as saying.

"I was diagnosed as dyslexic; I had a lot of energy as a child. They wanted to put me on drugs... Never did; my mother said no, absolutely not, no way and I'm thankful.

Am I making people aware of it by discussing it openly and saying what a fraud psychiatry is? You bet I am. I feel a responsibility because I care," he added.


AWESOME ...tom cruise couch jumping = hilarity ensuing ... $5


very interesting concept, but i'm not too hot on the colors and various elements of the design..

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