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Progress Marches On by steven218 on Threadless
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mikemills profile pic Alumni

Absolutely love it - 5$



I love all the details - Mr. Can't Hold His Pee, the Lost Child, the Suspicious Package, and the Strip Search...

and, especially the Indian Burial Ground - most people have no clue how true that is. (more accurate semi-flexed - but ok as is)

one change: could you move the ghostie coming from the one guy's crotch?


staffell profile pic Alumni

I'd wear it I think 5$



indian burial ground...body cavity search...unattended luggage...

i love it...

i just wish there was a pilot at the bar...



this is cool bc i like the effort and result of the piece

but i have a lot questions about it's content and title

so i give it a 5$
anything that stirs up questions and emotiion es bueno

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

white or cream on gray. love this one, def at the top of my list for pinche UNO. you should have entered it for blik as well.


Love the guy getting an internal! $5.

steven218 profile pic Artist

there was a load of stuff I wanted to add to this but didn't have time before the pinche deadline, like the baggage claim and some duty free stuff (people laden down with bags of tacky gifts they won't need).

maybe I'll get around to it later.


I like.

steven218 profile pic Artist

It was about how progress marches on - usually all over the past, hence building an airport over a burial ground, and how the usual everyday things that go on in (in this case) an airport, don't notice what was there before.

Basically, progress will march all over your dead arse when you're gone!


blandford, at 5:05pm on May 15, 2006

take out the sexual assault, and I almost like it.
as is,

That's not sexual assault, it's just normal. It happens to me every time anyway.

steven218 profile pic Artist


next time - take a camera!


I thought it sucked until the buried Indians. Then I liked it, but the stuff on the sides are really dumb and take away from the "punchline" at the bottom.

d3d profile pic Alumni

pretty sweet responses so far. normally i'd say i was sick of those toilet people but you've expanded on them so nicely. i love the native american spirits, pity they aren't causing a little chaos.
regardless, it makes my balls elevate with joy. $

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

One of my top subs for PU, you made my top 3 man. Very nice!

steven218 profile pic Artist

d3d, at 4:07am on May 17, 2006

"regardless, it makes my balls elevate with joy."



I really, really love this. Taking mundane but useful signage and changing them into other 'could be signs'.

Love the burial ground, very clever, but not sure about the spirits if they aren't doing anything, like d3d said. Causing a bit of a rumpus. Think they deserve to.

Wasn't keen on the cavity search, found it disturbing, but after reading other comments, think it is fine, but without the text.

Great stuff! (sorry for v long comment!)


5$'ded for the haunted burial grounds!


I also like the green.
And the body cavity search, its hilarious. painfull but hilarious.

chemi hydro

I likes peeing and cavity searches with indian burial ground spirits. Noice


I am in love with this

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