Pretty Shark

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Pretty Shark by rudeboyzach on Threadless
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hahaha this defintiyl gets a 5 because I'm sure this would bring a lot of joy to people, and by people I meainly mean me.


put a smile on my face!


A shark named Maria. <3 It's like my twin. I'd buy it for inside jokes sakes.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

dude, this is great.....i like the size...and i agree with the earlier suggestion to put it on the new "banana" color[paler yellow]....
my only other input would be that to further express him singing[not that it needs to be, it is obvious] would be to make the word bubble a basic version of a music note....with the existing circle being the bottom, then a slanted line[slanted to the right] then that little triangular thingy at the top of musical notes....the designed would have to be scooted down a bit.....and maybe the word box shrunk....this may just be personal preference is a great design either way....

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

what the....?

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