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Design by Néhérénia

Pretentious by Néhérénia on Threadless
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Néhérénia profile pic Artist

Pretentious Bird !!!


I think this is like a combination of two over-done things on this site: A lone, monochromatic plant, and a cutesy, colorful sprite. Surprisingly, the combination of the two creates a wonderful contrast, and makes a beautiful design.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

This is the third sub of yours that uses that same exact tree drawing. The only reason I can recognize it so easily is that it is so weirdly proportioned. I'd suggest that if the tree didn't get printed last time, you might want to improve it rather than just adding and subtracting birds. The tree's a weird size that doesn't lend itself to being on a shirt.


I think I would like it more if the tree trunk was longer and thinner. And, what is with the change of style? The bird and the tree are done too differently, the bird seems like a paper cutout on a drawn tree, and not in the best way.


i like the etched look of the tree juxtaposed against the cute bird perhced way up high

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