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Ste7en profile pic Artist

Still not quite sure how to take this contest outside of the obvious sports connection, so I decided to throw everything I got at it...literaly.


definitely doesn't need the chalk outline

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni all of those balls fell out of the sky while he was playing tennis? Am i getting this or is there really nothing to get except that this is a monster mash of sports equipment? lol.


he must really suck at sports

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

rad!!!!! $5

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Is this an homage to Homer's favorite film festival piece?

"But a football in the groin is a football in the groin..."

mezo profile pic Alumni

Nice ballz. 3$ LAWLS

Ste7en profile pic Artist

im lucky youre drunk or I wouldnt get a 3 or a $ ...but probably a lawls

Ste7en profile pic Artist

While I know it isnt what a real volleyball looks like- I readily admit I got lazy- I find it hilarious that people would say it "definitely does not look like a volleyball." If it "definitely" didnt look like a volleyball you wouldnt tell me what it didnt look like. You would ask what it was.

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