Power Weapon

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Power Weapon by Flying_Mouse on Threadless
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A little inspiration from The Simpsons, I take it? =P


I thought it was a sci-fi octopus robot at first, then my
eyes adjusted to it. That hunter looks like he plans to shoot
all four at once instead of each one individually.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Great drawing! Nice take on the contest.


it looks like a Dr. Seuss contraption



Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

excellent, great drawing style 5$

Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice illustration. [although everything looks like wood, perhaps smoother, unbroken shading lines on the metallic bits]

Ava Adore

wow, great!


For some reason, what keeps coming to mind for me when I look at the guns is the big mess of microphones attached to the dais at a major press conference. I like the design a lot, but that keeps getting in my way when I look at it. It's probably just my brain being weird, though.

R_G profile pic Alumni

I like this and hate it at the same time
I think its a nice idea, maybe change the colors...
i HATE this kind of comments, but its true

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

SLYDANTE- lol!!! that's exaclty what i thought about as soon as i saw this illustration. Moe's five-in-one gun was more elegant, tho. Still, really awesome take on an organic monster parody of the American hunter and our sick fascination on all things violent and ever more powerful weaponry. I just would like the guns better defined as to what they are as a few others on here have voiced concern about. Other than that, a very striking image. 3.


Finally, someone has designed something that compliments the game. This is literally the first of 30 submissions I've checked out that looks like it's been designed for the contest and not something else. Well done!

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