Power to the Pinwheel

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We hold the power in our hands, brothers! This day is ours!rnrnUnite this day, and vote, please! rnrnAlso a round of applause to nathanwpyle for his helpful comments.rnrn(The model in the third slide is me, and I have given myself permission to use my photo.)




very nice

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Bio-bot 9000
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radical! it also doubles as a push for wind power!


jaja, me encanta! Me hace pensar en algo así como el Frente 45 R.P.M. Buen trabajo!

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Haha this is awesome.


i really like this apart from the fact that it looks like a swastika sorta and the fist is all tense which sort of adds to the swastika thing thats going on


i hate revolution , but i like this t-shirt

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Thanks for all the great feedback, friends!

Yeah, I knew it was a commonly parodied campaign, but I really like the design and thought it was stronger than some of the other ideas out there. While the original design was nothing more than a play on words, I enjoyed the adulthood v. childhood overtones that naturally occurred because of the pinwheel (which additionally serves as a plug for wind power, if you want to go that direction).

And for the record, the swastika was adopted by the Nazis. It was originally an eastern symbol for peace and equality. Additionally, the swastika that the Nazis used faced the other direction and was usually rotated 45˚

nathanwpyle at gmail.com
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I don't even see a Swastika here. not even if I squint and cover the screen with a bedsheet or thin blanket.

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Truth. It's not there. Someone would really have to believe hard that it's there to see it at all. But even that wouldn't work. Because it's not there.


That's a really clever design... love it.


$ 5

nathanwpyle at gmail.com
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Solid score bro! Especially for a one color design, awesome work again.

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